VIZpin System Controllers work with the VIZpin Cloud Management Tools and Smartphone Apps so you can manage and control access to virtually anything. They have a built-in, long-range Bluetooth reader and can be mounted in a secure area, away from weather and vandals or out-of-sight for architecturally and historically sensitive installations. There’s even a solar-powered reader.

VP1 Bluetooth Access Control Reader

The VP1 is a complete, full-featured electronic access system controller that works with any electronic lock. It’s simple to connect with only four wires (two for power, two for electronic relay) providing a much lower-cost on installation compared to traditional card readers or keypads. It is also perfect for upgrading existing access control systems by integrating directly with your card readers, keypads, and biometrics to offer a smartphone option for users. We also offer a Bluetooth FOB in case your users do not have a smartphone.

VIZpin Solar Kit

The VIZpin Solar Kit is a self-contained outdoor access gate controller that is perfect for pedestrian and pool gates, or any installation where it is difficult (or expensive) to install electrical service. Users can unlock the gate using their smartphone, even without an internet connection, making it great for remote locations.

Ongoing Service Level Options

Service Level LITE (Free) PLUS
Grant Access
Revoke Access
Relay NC/NO
Keys with Schedules
Wiegand Input
Buzz-in (Doorstrike/NO only)
30 Day Audit Trail
Adjust Settings & Read Range
First-in Unlock*
Initial Smartkeys** 5 500

*First-in unlock feature requires a door strike rated for continuous duty
**Quantity included during account creation. Additional Smartkeys can be purchased/added at any time


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Partner Products

If you want to use VIZpin Smartkeys to unlock server cabinets, storage lockers, medical carts, cargo containers, gates and more, check out our Partner Products. If you want your Bluetooth hardware to work with VIZpin Smartkeys, we have the APIs, SDKs and Libraries you need to make it happen.

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