The VIZpin SMART app is a virtual keyring for all of your VIZpin Smartkeys. Simply download and register the app then you are eligible to receive Smartkeys from any location using a VIZpin reader. Location managers can send you Smartkeys anytime, from anywhere, that will work only on your Smartphone. We have added multiple layers of security and encryption to make sure the Smartkeys can’t be copied or hacked. And if you lose your phone, you can easily and securely transfer them to your new device without having to call anyone.

How does it work?
Download the app below (for iPhone or Android). Simply open the app to display all your Smartkeys, where they work, and when they work. The information screen contains key details where users can even get directions. When you are ready to unlock one of your doors, simply press the VIZpin Smartkey and it will open. The Smartkeys change colors when you are within range (30’/10m) of a door, gate or latch you have access to. If you have a lot of keys, the app can even move the closest ones to the top.

You can also add a VIZpin SMART Widget to your device for faster unlocks and ultimate convenience.

Have a user that doesn’t have a smartphone? We offer a long-range Bluetooth FOB as an option.

Get the VIZpin SMART App

VIZpin SMART for iOS
VIZpin SMART for Android

VIZpin Firmware Updater App

The VIZpin Firmware Updater app, available only on Android devices, is a free app that allows users to apply the latest firmware to VP1 door controllers at the touch of a button. Once installed, simply login to the app to view available door controllers in range and their current firmware versions. Then tap “Update” for the reader that you’d like to push new firmware to.

The app can be used with both existing, installed door controllers or newly purchased controllers, however, users must have valid Smartkeys in the VIZpin SMART app on the same device in order to successfully use the VIZpin Firmware Updater app.