Your Phone is Your Key!

With Bluetooth smartphone access for gates (also known as gate smart locks), users can unlock/activate the gate from a distances (up to 30′) without having the roll down their window in inclement weather or get out of their truck or car when it’s too far to reach a standard card reader.

Smartphone Gate Entry System with App

Whether you need to control access for your gated home or business, parking garage, storage facility, or another gated area, it’s easy to do with VIZpin.

It lets people with a “key” on their smartphone be able to unlock gates with their phone (iPhone or Android). The setup is easy:

  1. Install VIZpin’s Bluetooth access control reader
  2. Grant access to a user using the website (from anywhere)
  3. Their phone is their key ⁠— they use the VIZpin app to unlock the door/gate with their smartphone

You customize access for your users. And the 30-day audit trail lets you view activity history for all users.



VIZpin’s Commercial Gate Access Control System

Key Benefits for Gates & Garages:

  • Convenient: Improves convenience and reduces operating costs
  • Cost-effective: No more replacing key cards
  • Touchless: No more touching dirty keypad buttons. VIZpin’s touchless access control system uses Bluetooth, which works up to 30 feet (10M)
  • Remote control: No need to get out of your vehicle
  • Easy to manage: Send, revoke and monitor access anytime from anywhere
  • No internet required! VIZpin connects right into the gate hardware – no network access is required to unlock the gate
  • Solar-powered option: If the gate’s in the middle of nowhere (such as a cell phone tower, modular building, or other remote facility), there’s a solar powered access control kit option

For Side Doors

If you have a traditional side door for your garage or gate, we recommend our commercial smart lock.

Open gates from the convenience of your car without having to roll down the window or open your door

How It Works

Simple to set up, use, and manage.

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