What is VIZpin?

Put simply, it’s a system that allows you to open a locked door with a smartphone. VIZpin is a cloud-based service that allows property managers to remotely control visitor access through the use of the free VIZpin SMART app and secure electronic keys (called Smartkeys). The Account Administrator, from anywhere in the world, can easily issue a Smartkey to a specific person, for a specific door, for a specific time period.

Where can I buy VIZpin?

VIZpin products can be purchased through our network of Certified and Premier Partners.  Use our Locate a Partner tool to find one near you.  If we don’t have a partner in your area, you can buy our VP1 reader online.

How does it work?

For the User:

Once installed, the user (who has the free app and Smartkey for that door/gate) simply walks up to it, taps a button on their phone, and the lock opens.

For the Manager:

The wireless Bluetooth access control hardware is installed/mounted by an electrician or locksmith. Our system controllers have built-in, long-range, wireless Bluetooth readers, meaning they can be completely out of sight (even on the inside of the door/gate), away from vandals and the elements.

Once the wireless reader/controller is installed, you simply have the user download the free smartphone app so that they can securely receive Smartkeys.

Distributing and managing these virtual keys is easy and can be done from anywhere in the world with internet access! You can chose how long the key is valid: 24/7, designated schedule, or one-time use. The cloud-based access control management software requires no special training and is automatically updated.

We can’t reveal all the secret details, but essentially, a Smartkey is created and generated at the secure VIZpin server, and then sent to the user’s app. When the user comes into range of the VIZpin reader-controller and presses the button, it wirelessly confirms (using Bluetooth) that the key is accurate for that user, reader-controller, and time period, and then unlocks the door. If the Smartkey is not valid for any reason, the door will remain locked!

Are VIZpin and Bluetooth secure?

Yes. Using VIZpin’s keyless access control system is secure and convenient! Smartkeys are specific to users, reader-controllers, and a specific schedule – if any of these criteria is incorrect, the key will simply not work!

Additionally, Bluetooth has embedded security and is considered more than sufficient in many highly secure applications and industries.

And using a personal device, such as a smartphone, for access control provides inherent security – unlike key card security systems, users rarely share these devices with others, they immediately notice (and report it) when it goes missing, and they frequently enable a security mechanism on their lock screen.

What is required to use VIZpin?

  • A VIZpin-enabled device installed at the facility (wired into the electronic locks and power supply)
  • Ongoing software/service is enabled (free and paid options)
  • A key has been delegated to the visitor in the software (through the VIZpin Partner Portal login)
  • Visitor has installed the free VIZpin SMART app on their iPhone or Android Smartphone

Which phones work with VIZpin?

We offer the free VIZpin SMART app for iPhones and Android Smartphones from the respective app stores. Links to download the app are also available here or at the bottom of our homepage. Minimum requirements can be found at our documents page here.

Do I need network or data coverage at the site to use VIZpin?

Not necessarily.

  • Using a VIZpin key does not require network connection.
  • Retrieving/updating a key does. When network coverage at the site is expected to be limited, we recommend retrieving/updating your Smartkeys when on route to the site.
  • Delegating a Smartkey does.
  • Updating the reader’s software does not.

Is it difficult to configure a VIZpin reader-controller or issue keys?

No, not at all! Configuring the reader-controller is easy in the VIZpin LINK feature:

  1. Add the VIZpin reader-controller to an existing account, or edit an existing reader-controller’s settings.
  2. Determine which visitors you want to give access to, set a schedule, and issue the Smartkeys (which you can do here). Users with existing keys to this reader-controller should refresh the VIZpin SMART app.
  3. Trigger the reader-controller from the iPhone or Android smartphone with the free VIZpin SMART app. The VP1 is now configured!

Detailed videos covering VIZpin LINK can be found here.

Can I revoke Smartkeys that have already been issued and used?

Yes, Smartkeys can be revoked just as easily as they are issued. Simply log into the VIZpin Portal from anywhere in the world, navigate to the Revoke Access page, and choose which Smartkeys to revoke. Revocation takes effect almost immediately, and the revoked key will be removed from the user’s app next time they update it.

What if someone doesn't have a smartphone?

We offer a Bluetooth FOB that works with our door controllers.  These are managed through your VIZpin portal, and access can be 24×7 or follow one set schedule designated for FOB users.

After issuing a VIZpin key, how long before my visitor will receive it in his app?

It’s nearly instantaneous! Smartkeys are typically received within 1-2 minutes from the time they were issued. (Manual refresh of the visitor’s VIZpin SMART app may be required).

How long do Smartkeys last?

Smartkeys can be issued for anywhere from few minutes to several years. Unlike electronic key card systems, Smartkeys don’t cost money to replace, can’t snap in half, and can be sent to someone anywhere in the world who has internet access.

Can I track the usage of the Smartkeys that I have issued?

Yes! Most VIZpin account types display a cloud-based activity history that can be viewed remotely, eliminating the need to physically visit the site.

Can VIZpin products be returned?

VIZpin offers a 30-day return policy for all purchases. To be eligible for a refund, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.
Read the full VIZpin Inc Return Policy

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