Unlock Your Door with Your Phone

Grant and Revoke Access to
Anyone, Anytime, from Anywhere

How It Works

VIZpin is a complete bluetooth smartphone access control system that requires no network connection.


Grant and revoke access to anyone, anytime, from anywhere without having to worry about cards, FOBs or remembering PIN numbers – your phone does it all, even when networks are unavailable.



Our encrypted VIZpin smartkeys use Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, making them essentially impossible to hack or duplicate and unlike cards and physical keys, people don’t share their phones.



Electronic access control is now affordable for every door. VIZpin eliminates expensive panels, networks and wiring saving you up to 75%/door on installation.

Where VIZpin Works

Fitness Centers
Office Spaces
Apartment Complexes
Religious Facilties

Case Study

101 Quincy Coworking

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