Marina’s have a responsibility for protecting boat owners, guests, and boats. Unauthorized people on the docks are security threat and liability. Managers need to do everything they can to prevent theft, assaults and vagrancy. And do it all without inconveniencing customers. So what are your choices?

  • Issuing physical keys to everyone isn’t practical. Keys are easily shared or lost and re-keying a gate every time a key is missing is very expensive.
  • Keypads are another solution, but once the PIN # is out there, everyone has it so you have no idea who is actually on the dock.
  • Cardkey systems offer higher security than keypads but they are expensive. By the time you get an electrician and locksmith and network engineering to hook everything up you are looking at $4K+/gate. And you still have the problem of people sharing card keys and managing lost card keys.

That is why we introduced the VIZpin Solar Access Control Kit. It provides all the security you need in a convenient, affordable solution. Your customers use a simple smartphone app and you control what docks they can access and when. You can issue temporary keys to guests and workers and revoke them just as quickly. Best of all, with VIZpin you can keep permanent records of who was on your dock and when.

Key Benefits for Marinas:

With a wireless access control system for marinas and boat docks from VIZpin…

  • Manage Keys Remotely: Grant access to users remotely without having to track keys, key cards, or pin numbers
  • Secure: Credentials can’t be easily observed or purposely shared with unauthorized guests
  • Easy to Manage: Issue temporary keys to guests and workers and revoke them quickly if needed

The VIZpin Solar Kit has everything you need to control the gate lock including a solar panel and battery backup and works with any 12VDC gate lock.

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