With any religious facility, there are many individuals who need access to the building at various times – from clergy, to committee members, to even outside organizations who hold meetings or events on a regular basis.  With smartphone access control, you can move away from multiple hard copies of keys floating around that can be shared, lost or stolen and have confidence that only those who should have access at any given time are able to open the doors.

Key benefits for religious facilities:

  • Custom Schedules – Our solution makes it easy to access certain doors 24/7 while keeping other parts of the building secure. Custom scheduling is also available making VIZpin a great option for events the church may hold.
  • Loss Prevention – Audio/video equipment is one of the most common items stolen from places of worship. Using Smartkeys ensures the right individuals have access.  Plus, if there ever is an incident, you can view the activity history to see who was in that location at any given time.
  • Smartphone Access – With smartphone access, VIZpin makes it easy to download our app, and grant keys to those who need it.  Change of plans and need to grant access to someone different that what was expected?  Not a problem – you can easily grant access from offsite and make any changes necessary with the click of a button.
  • Affordability – Easy installation and no network requirement mean you’re saving money on an efficient Access Control Solution.  Smartkeys are a fraction of the cost of traditional access control cards and FOBs.
  • Controlled Access – Restrict certain areas of the building to certain levels of employees.  Using multiple readers on different doors provides flexibility in who has access to which areas.

Have confidence that only those who should have access at any given time are able to open the doors.

Door Entry System Options

Commercial Smart Lock

Perfect for places that don’t currently use an electric door strike where you want to add Bluetooth access


Bluetooth Door Access Controller Reader

Works great with doors already equipped with an electronic door strike (ex. Wiegand)

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