Employee turnover in quick service restaurants (QSR) and retail is higher than ever. If ex-employees can get back into your store, you have a serious liability. If they were a key holder and you haven’t changed the locks on your doors, they can get back in. If they “know the code” and you haven’t changed it, they can get back in. If you change the code and they have a friend that works there, they can get back in. Alarms can alert the police but think about how much damage could be done before the police get there.

Changing door locks or re-coding the door keypad is expensive and time consuming. Keycard systems are expensive and difficult to manage. VIZpin is secure, convenient, and affordable! VIZpin lets you quickly grant and revoke Smartphone keys to employees and vendors. The keys can work 24/7 or on a schedule. They can easily be revoked anytime, from anywhere and best of all, you don’t need to connect VIZpin to your local network. Whether you have 1 store or 1,000… VIZpin will work for you!

Key benefits for QSR and retail locations:

  • Keep employees and customers safe
  • Manage employee turnover with ease
  • Save money – stop changing locks


Get peace of mind knowing your stores are secure and your employees and managers are accountable.

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