Increase your fitness center’s revenue and enhance member relations without adding a large overhead cost. 24/7 door access system allows secure access even when no staff is available onsite. With unlimited keys, easy access, and cloud management, we make it easy to operate our access control system for your fitness center or gym.

Your phone is your key!

Key Benefits For Fitness Centers & 24/7 Gyms

VIZpin’s wireless access control system for gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs means:

  • ✓ Easily grant or revoke access to your facility with the click of a button from any web browser.
  • ✓ Compete with other gyms and health clubs by offering 24x7x365. Flexible access options make it is easy to designate 24×7 access or custom time schedules. Now you can allow access even when availability of staff is limited.
  • ✓ See recent activity logs allows you to keep record of who has accessed the fitness center if there is ever a need to review.
  • ✓ No network required means a simple installation, saving you money on an efficient access control system. And with our PLUS service, you’ll start with 500 Smartkeys. If the internet goes down, users can get in without a problem.
  • ✓ Secure: Since our readers don’t rely on key FOBs or cards, our app makes it impossible to share passes, stopping people from getting in unauthorized. And since phones are typically not left behind, users are rarely stuck outside the door waiting to be let in, interrupting staff from other duties.

Looking for Member Management Software?  VIZpin integrates seamlessly with Gym Assistant.  This software not only automates membership related tasks but provide secure entry during and after club hours and is directly connected to a user’s membership status.


Flexible access options make it is easy to designate 24×7 access or custom time schedules.

Door Entry System Options

Commercial Smart Lock

Perfect for places that don’t currently use an electric door strike where you want to add Bluetooth access


Bluetooth Door Access Controller Reader

Works great with doors already equipped with an electronic door strike (ex. Wiegand)

How It Works

Simple to set up, use, and manage.

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