Remote cell tower sites or other unmanned facilities need simple access control.

What if you could grant access to anyone who needs to access a remote site without needing to meet them somewhere?

What if that person could simply use the smartphone (that they already own) to unlock the gate/door to the facility?

Now you can!

Access Control for Cell Sites
Key is sent wirelessly to the phone. Tap button on your phone and the installed Bluetooth reader unlocks the door!

Simple Setup

VIZpin is a simple access control system that allows users to unlock doors/gates with their phone. You simply:

  1. Install VIZpin’s Bluetooth access control reader
  2. Grant access to a user using the website (from anywhere)
  3. Their phone is their key ⁠— they use the VIZpin app to unlock the door/gate with their smartphone

Key Benefits for Remote Sites:

  • No internet connection required: No Wi-Fi or data signal needed
  • Easily add/revoke access: Cloud-based portal allows easy management for last minute requests
  • Simple to manage: No cards, fobs, or pin numbers to manage
  • Activity logs: See a record of who has accessed the site
  • Security: Unlike key cards or fobs, employees aren’t likely to share their phone with someone else

Easy to Use & Manage

Unlocking a door with VIZpin is simple to use and manage. There’s no keys, fobs, or keycards to replace. And it can be managed remotely. The user simply installs the VIZpin app. Once you grant them access, they can unlock the door/gate with a press of a button.

Solar-Powered Access Control System for Remote Locations
Solar-powered access control system for remote locations

It’s perfect for remotely granting access to service technicians, subcontractors, truck drivers, and others at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re securing remote unmanned facilities, cell towers, utility substations, or other critical infrastructure sites, VIZpin:

✓ Increases security

✓ Improves convenience

✓ Reduces costs

VIZpin doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, so it is perfect for remote sites where networks are too expensive, unavailable, or unreliable. VIZpin is a cloud-based ACaaS (Access Control as a Service), so you can send, revoke, and monitor electronic keys anytime from anywhere using our website.

Your phone is your key.

We even have a solar-powered option!

Protect critical assets and know exactly who has accessed the site (and when).

How It Works

Simple to set up, use, and manage.

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