Are you concerned about copper theft, equipment theft or vandalism? Most remote sites still use a lock and key or old fashioned simplex locks for security. Chances are the locks or codes have not been changed for years and hundreds of people either have keys or know the codes which is a huge liability.

Installing a centrally managed system can cost $5K or more ….until now. Our battery operated smart lock is a fraction of the cost of other systems. It can be managed from anywhere and you can grant and revoke access to service people in seconds from any Smartphone, tablet or PC. Best of all, it is all Bluetooth based so you don’t need a network connection at each site.

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Protect critical assets and know exactly who has accessed the site (and when).

For Doors Inside of Gate

If you have a traditional exterior or interior door on a building inside the fenced-in area, we recommend our commercial smart lock.

How It Works

Simple to set up, use, and manage.

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