The Customer

The Chester County Department of Emergency Services (DES), located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has more than 30 cell tower sites that are vital for administering and providing emergency services communications. Until recently, they were using a lock and key or a simple keypad to secure each site.

The Challenge

DES was experiencing an increase of copper theft, vandalism, and graffiti at their cell tower sites. In addition, DES staff had no activity record of who was coming and going to any of the sites, and no way to grant last-minute access to technicians needing to service equipment. DES needed a system that could be managed remotely but did not have the budget for network equipment and Internet connection at each site.

The VIZpin installation was $80,000 less than the RFID systems being proposed.

The Solution

DES officials were considering RFID card systems when they learned about VIZpinā€™s Cloud-based Access Control Solution. After recognizing the cost savings and benefits of the solution, the decision was made and DES installed VIZpin at their cell tower sites. VIZpin enabled them to access sites using their smartphones, manage the system remotely, and record activities in the cloud without needing a local network connection. VIZpin also increased security since smartphones, unlike cards, would not be shared. Finally, VIZpin simplified administration because they no longer had to purchase or manage RFID cards.


  • Cost Savings: The VIZpin installation was $80,000 less than the RFID systems being proposed, plus the VIZpin service ensured DES would not incur future costs for hardware or feature upgrades.

  • Remote Management: DES now manages all sites and users from their secure VIZpin portal anytime, from anywhere.

  • Ease of Use: No special training was required for DES administrators, and users simply download the VIZpin Smart app, register and can be granted access.

  • Expandable: VIZpin does not require on-site network equipment, computers or Internet service, so DES is able to add additional cell tower sites as needed and as their budget allows