Locks & Keys are Annoying to Manage

Whether you have a portable construction office building, classroom, or another kind of modular space (also known as prefabricated buildings/units or mobile buildings), many people protect them with a simple lock and key. Keys work well, but…

  • You have no idea who has a copy
  • There is no way to issue or revoke a key remotely
  • You can’t tell who used the key or when it was used
  • To protect your people and assets, you have to change the locks when keys are lost or employees leave, which cost hundreds of dollars each time.

Electronic access control has always been an option. But until now, has always been expensive and complicated. A card reader system can cost in excess of $2,500/unit to install, plus the cards themselves and a network connection.

Easy Access Control for Prefabricated, Modular Buildings

VIZpin makes access control affordable for modular spaces (commercial or residential) by letting you control who gets in and when they can get in. Plus, it even keeps a record of all activity.

  • ✓ No more keys or cards – your phone is your key!
  • ✓ No network connection needed
  • ✓ Grant or revoke access for anyone from anywhere
  • ✓ Tracks 30 days of activity
  • ✓ Includes the first 500 users (more can be purchased)

Our Modular Access Control kit only takes a few minutes to install. It is very easy to manage and there is no special training. Best of all, you grant and revoke access from anywhere… and VIZpin doesn’t need an internet connection!

How? VIZpin uses your phone as your key and your network.

You can even use VIZpin as an access control system for a construction site (ex. if it’s a gated construction site).

There’s even a solar powered option if the building is in the middle of nowhere.

You can easily move your VIZpin system from unit to unit, it is simple to manage and there is no special training.

How It Works

Simple to set up, use, and manage.

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