The Customer

24 Hour Total Fitness is a fitness center located in Manchester, Iowa. The facility, which boasts state-of-the art free-weight and machine-weight equipment, specialized cardiovascular equipment and clean restrooms featuring private showers, allows members to work out any time of day or night.

The Challenge

24 Hour Fitness originally provided access to its members with a card reader located on the outside of the facility’s door. According to Owner/Manager Lori Schulte Trenkamp, the reader’s function was occasionally affected by moisture. In addition, the gym’s owners were concerned that members could potentially share their cards with others, especially since the center is only staffed during selected hours throughout the week to give tours and assist with new sign-ups.

“We love VIZpin and our members love it, too!”

The Solution

Before discovering VIZpin’s smartphone-based access solution, Lori’s husband researched several other access options, none of which seemed right for 24 Hour Fitness’s challenges. Several unique benefits of VIZpin immediately got the couple’s attention. First, with the reader being located on the inside of the door, the problem of moisture affecting members’ ability to access the center would be eliminated. Plus, VIZpin could be used at the same time as the traditional card reader, providing options for members. In addition, Lori and her husband knew that members sharing their phones with others to use for access would be highly unlikely, giving them peace of mind that only members were using the facility. And, they could also know exactly who was entering and exiting the facility and when.

A VIZpin reader was installed on the inside of the door at 24 Hour Total Fitness and, according to Lori, “has been perfect for our particular needs.” Although the fitness center still has a traditional card reader, as well, Lori says members have adapted very easily to VIZpin, and “even those who were initially wary about switching have loved the ease of using it.”

She adds, “We love VIZpin and our members love it, too! It has been really great to be able to see who has accessed the gym and what time, as our old system did not have that feature. It’s also awesome that we can easily grant them access without having to meet up with them in person.”


  • Protection from the Elements: Because readers are installed on the inside of the door, they're protected from weather that can compromise functionality

  • Easy Adoption: Even those resistant to change quickly adapt and appreciate the ease and convenience of smartphone-based access

  • Elimination of Worry: There's no need for owners to worry about who is gaining access and when, especially when facility is unstaffed