Residents want to feel safe where they live. VIZpin Smartphone Access Control makes it easy for property managers to provide secure access for building entrances, parking, amenities, and more to ensure the right individuals have access and unwanted visitors are kept out. Grant access to new residents with the click of a button using our web-based portal. And when you have a resident end their lease – simply revoke access and keys will be removed from the VIZpin SMART app (on iPhone or Android) without having to collect back a card or FOB or change the keypad code. And if there’s an incident in any of the areas, simply check the audit trail to see who had entered that area during a particular time frame.

Key benefits for apartment communities:

  • Provide convenient, secure high-tech access control on your property
  • Secure main entrances and/or access to certain floors within a building
  • Keep common areas such as the community pool, fitness center or clubhouse exclusive for residents
  • Grant or revoke access with the click of a button

It’s easy for residents to open the apartment gate with their iPhone or Android. And it’s even easier for you to manage it!

The The VIZpin Solar Kit is a self-contained outdoor access gate controller that is perfect for pedestrian and pool gates.

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