Access points for public places can be especially dangerous in terms of germs, with doorknobs, door handles and keypads being touched by so many people. Even keycards get passed around, with each user unsure whether or not previous users have taken precautions.

VIZpin, a smartphone-based access solution, has several unique advantages that deliver a touchless experience:

  • Smartphones allow users to unlock a door without touching any surfaces of a reader, keypad or other device
  • Users rarely share phones with others if asked – limiting the exposure of the device directly to the owner of it
  • With businesses and facilities closing as precautions – access can be given to individuals who must enter a building that’s closed for business, for example to gather the necessary tools to work from home. Access can be done conveniently anywhere, anytime without anyone having to be there in person to let them in.

For a true touchless experience, VIZpin can be used with Tormax USA automatic door systems. Watch our video below for a quick demonstration.

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