VIZpin ROLES lets you grant access using a pre-defined list of readers with a unique schedule for each reader. Simply create a ROLE by selecting your reader(s), create a schedule for each reader then assign that ROLE to any VIZpin SMART app user. If you need to change readers or schedules, no problem! Everyone with that ROLE will be automatically updated and it won’t cost you additional VIZpin Smartphone keys.

ROLES Advantages

  • Save time by creating a ROLE once and applying it to any user 
  • Create multiple ROLES for various types of access 
  • Easily adjust reader access or schedules for large groups of users 
  • Revoke access to large groups of users rather than one at a time 
  • Create ROLES for FOB or Card users 

Join an upcoming webinar to see a real-time demonstration of ROLES in action.