At childcare facilities, the safety and security of the children is paramount. Parents need to know they are leaving their children in a safe and secure environment so childcare facilities must provide a secure solution that is convenient, affordable, and that provides accountability. Our keyless entry system for daycares does just that!

Forget keys, PINs, card readers, and buzz-in systems. With VIZpin, your smartphone becomes the key to unlock the day care’s door!

Key Benefits

  • Manage changing enrollment – As some families no longer require care and new families are enrolled, administrators can easily manage those changes without having to collect old keycards or change PIN numbers.
  • No more sharing – Parents rarely forget their cell phone which means other parents won’t hold the door open for others, and your staff doesn’t have to be pulled away to open any doors.
  • Custom Schedules – Our solution makes it easy to access certain doors while keeping other parts of the building secure. Custom scheduling is also available for part time families and special events.
  • Affordability – Easy installation and no network requirement mean you’re saving money on an efficient Access Control Solution.  Smartphone credentials are a fraction of the cost of traditional access control cards and FOBs.

Managing staff and parent access has never been easier.  Plus you’ll know exactly who has accessed the facility and when.

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