Our Certified Installer Program was developed in response to the steady growth of national Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Retail clients we have acquired in the past few years with locations in areas where Certified Partners have not yet been established.  

That’s where you come in! The VIZpin Certified Installer Program will provide locksmiths and low voltage contractors with the knowledge they need to install VIZpin systems without having full partner certification.

What’s required? In addition to maintaining necessary licenses and insurances to install electric locks and low voltage systems, VIZpin Certified Installers will be required to complete online training and to pass a test annually, at minimum. 

Your primary responsibility will be to ensure that 12VDC electric locks are installed, operating correctly and in compliance with local codes. Then, you can simply connect VIZpin controllers to the electric locks. The VIZpin controllers will ship pre-configured from the factory, so the installation will require only four wires and two screws.

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