The Customer

Rebecca Goniwich is the owner of three UPS Stores in the Tampa, Florida area. Each of the franchise locations offers shipping and packing, printing, faxing, shredding and notary services, as well as private mailboxes that private citizens and small business owners can rent for mail holding and forwarding and secure package acceptance.

The Challenge

The UPS Store locations offer mailbox services to their customers 24 hours per day and must provide a way for customers to access mailboxes outside of regular store hours. When Rebecca purchased her first UPS Store location, the previous franchise owner had been using a traditional lock on the front door and was issuing physical keys to mailbox customers.

Rebecca comments, “We quickly learned that it was difficult having to worry about duplicating keys and retrieving them if a customer abandons a mailbox, and that traditional locks wear out, as well, so I began looking for a better access solution.”

“The affordable cost of the VIZpin access solution and its simplicity were attributes that stood out to me right away.”

The Solution

While Rebecca briefly considered purchasing an electronic keypad solution to give mailbox renters access when the store is closed, once she learned about VIZpin’s smartphone-based solution, she was convinced that VIZpin was the better option for her second location, which was newly developed.

“The affordable cost of the VIZpin access solution and its simplicity were attributes that stood out to me right away. I liked the idea of no longer having to manage keys, and also that we could very easily grant and revoke access for both mailbox customers and employees from anywhere at any time,” Rebecca explains.

She adds, “We give customers a handout with VIZpin instructions when they sign up for a mailbox and they can quickly and easily install the app on their phones. We have about 40 mailbox
customers and employees using the app so far at our second store and have gotten comments from many of them about how much they love using their phones as their keys, especially because
they always have their phones with them.” For the few customers who are not smartphone owners, Rebecca issues key fobs, an option provided by VIZpin.

Since installing VIZpin in her second UPS Store location, Rebecca purchased a third location where she plans to add the VIZpin solution later this year when the center is developed. In 2020 she plans to replace the keylock system at her first location.


  • Affordability: The smartphone-based access solution is less expensive to install than electronic keypad solutions. With no need to continually duplicate physical keys, it’s more affordable than traditional lock and key solutions, as well.
  • Simplicity: New mailbox customers can quickly and easily download the app, making their smartphones their keys. UPS has eliminated the need to keep track of physical keys or remember passcodes.
  • Secure Access: With the ability to revoke access from anywhere at any time, the franchise owner can ensure that only current, authorized customers and employees have access to mailboxes.