VIZpin lets you send electronic Smartkeys to anyone with a smartphone, perfect for managing employees, contractors and vendors. So what happens if someone doesn’t own a smartphone? The VIZpin FOB is a perfect alternative to using your phone.* VIZpin FOBs work like  a long-range proximity card with a read range of up to 15′ (4.5M).

Because VIZpin access control is designed around using a smartphone as the network and transmitting information back and forth to the cloud-based portal, VIZpin FOB users can only account for a maximum of 20% of an account’s active users. In addition, each smart lock can only support 32 FOBs, and each VP1 can only support 512 cards/FOBs.

See our step by step videos on how to use the VIZpin FOBs as well as grant and revoke FOB access.