An updated version of VIZpin SMART app for Android was released on Thursday September 17th with significant improvements including a new Widget feature and better unlock times. We have also improved the user experience when updating the app.
New Features:
  • The Android Widget allows users to unlock any door/gate when within Bluetooth range right from the Widget on their home screen for ultimate convenience. No need to open the VIZpin SMART app and tap the key.
  • Notifications can be enabled to receive pop-up notifications when within Bluetooth range.  Users can then tap the “Open” button to unlock right from the notification without opening the VIZpin SMART app and tapping the key.

CLICK HERE to view a quick highlight of the new features.

User Experience:
  • Users who have “Auto-Login” enabled in the VIZpin SMART app settings will NOT need to re-enter login credentials or re-verify their device via SMS when the app is updated. This includes users who have their phone set to auto-update apps as well as those who chose to manually update.
  • Users who do not have auto-login enabled, or who delete the current version of the app and then re-download will be prompted to enter credentials and re-verify.
  • Once users update the app, they will be taken directly to their Smartkeys which are available for immediate use.

NOTE: This app update is for Android users only.