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VIZpin Introduces Low-cost Bluetooth Access Panel Replacement
Upgrade old systems with a low-cost cloud-based, Bluetooth solution

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania – July 19, 2016 — VIZpin, the market leader in Commercial Smartphone Access Control, today announced that it is releasing a new version of its’ popular Bluetooth reader-controller that works with existing card readers and other access control peripherals.

Each year thousands of access control systems become obsolete or too expensive to maintain and owners are often forced into expensive system upgrades.  To solve this, VIZpin has introduced a new version of the VP1 reader-controller that lets you easily and affordably replace old access-control panels, cabling and PCs with low-cost Bluetooth reader-controllers.  The VP1 can use existing power and works with card readers, biometrics, keypads or any other Wiegand peripheral that is already installed.  Since it also uses your phone as your network, there is no need to connect to a network making replacement as simple as connecting 4 wires.

If you want to use your phone as your key, the VP1 reader-controller works with Android and iPhones as well as Blackberry and flip phones.  They have 30’ (10M) range so you can mount them just about anywhere, even out of site.  If you want to still use your cards, no problem.  You can enroll the cards with VIZpin.

Paul Bodell, President and CEO of VIZpin said “We get a lot of requests from property owners and building managers who have some tenants or employees that want to use their phone as their key and others that prefer to still use their cards.”  He adds “The new VP1 allows them to do both easily and inexpensively.”

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About VIZpin

VIZpin designs, manufactures and markets VIZpin cloud based access control solutions that include cloud based management tools (ACaaS), Smartphone apps and low cost Bluetooth controllers.  The VIZpin solution provides a secure, convenient and affordable way to connect any device to the Internet of Things (IoT) by using your phone as your key and your network. VIZpin products are available through a network of VIZpin Certified Partners, OEMs and Licensees. VIZpin Inc. is privately held and based in PA.