VIZpin doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, so it is perfect for remote sites where networks are too expensive, unavailable or unreliable. VIZpin is a cloud-based ACaaS (Access Control as a Service) so you can send, revoke and monitor electronic keys anytime from anywhere. VIZpin is perfect for granting access to service technicians, contractors, truck drivers, and vendors at a moment’s notice. Whether you are securing remote unmanned facilities, cell towers, utility sub-stations, or other critical infrastructure sites, VIZpin increases security, improves convenience and reduces costs. Your phone is your key.

We even have a solar-powered option!

Key benefits for remote sites:

  • No network connection required
  • Cloud-based portal allows easy management for last minute requests
  • No cards, fobs or pin numbers to manage

Protect critical assets and know exactly who has access the site and when.

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