The Customer

The customer is a large pharmaceutical company that delivers medications to patients’ homes and medical centers and helps patients in managing their medications and understanding their disease. The facility, which is one of three locations nationwide, includes a call center and has approximately 850 employees.

The Challenge

The location’s facility manager had three interior doors that were to only be accessed by select employees, and was looking for a flexible, cost effective solution. She explains, “We have two lactation rooms that had locked doors. While they are important to have for employees who are breastfeeding, we found
that frequently other employees were finding their way into them when doors were left unlocked and taking advantage of the comfortable recliners and nice lighting.”

She continues, “In addition, our mailroom was completely accessible, allowing employees to use our postage meter for personal mail and posing the threat of having packages taken or misplaced. Because incoming mail is delivered throughout the facility, only 10 administrative employees who send out packages actually need access to the mailroom.”

“We could get all three VIZpin readers for the cost of one from the other vendor.”

The Solution

In early 2018, the facility manager requested an estimate for an entry access solution for the three interior doors from the same company used for entry at the facility. The quote she received was extremely high, and soon after her boss suggested that she speak to someone at VIZpin about a smartphone-based access control solution. She comments, “I thought the solution sounded great, and was even more impressed when I got the quote and learned we could get all three VIZpin readers for the cost of one from the other vendor.”

In March 2018, VIZpin readers were installed on the lactation rooms and mailroom doors, and, according to the location’s facility supervisor, the benefits were realized immediately. “VIZpin is a huge time saver,” she explains. “I no longer have to be responsible for handing out and tracking keys or fobs. Also, because of the solution’s mobile capabilities, we can grant access from anywhere in the building rather than being interrupted to go unlock doors.” She also notes that if neither she nor her administrative assistant are in the building a security guard can easily call one of them to request access for someone needing to get in.

The facility supervisor is also pleased with how easy it is for both she and employees to use VIZpin. Those requiring access to the mailroom or one of the lactation rooms simply email her a request. She sends them screenshot instructions for setting up VIZpin on their phones, and her administrative assistant sets up the access. To avoid double-booking of the lactation rooms, users schedule time slots using Outlook Calendar.

The facility manager comments, “We love VIZpin. If we weren’t restricted by state government regulations for pharmacies, we would like to use it for the entire building.”


  • Time Savings: VIZpin frees facility staff from the responsibility of distributing and keeping track of keys and fobs and from being interrupted to open doors throughout the building.

  • Convenience: Because VIZpin is completely mobile, access can be granted from anywhere in the building and even when facility staff are offcampus.

  • Flexibility: VIZpin makes it simple for administrators to grant access to individuals for specific timeframes and to easily adjust them when necessary.

  • Employee Accountability: Only granting access to the limited number of employees who need to use the mailroom or lactation rooms ensures that that areas are being used for their intended purposes.