The Customer

The owner of several stores in a well-known Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise chain.

The Challenge

QSR franchises that deliver food are known for high employee turnover.

Often, QSR managers are provided with physical store keys, and when they arrive, unlock the front door for customer, and leave the back door locked. Employees and delivery people are typically given a code to the back door, so they can come and go without passing through customer areas. Most QSR companies have a policy to change the code each time an employee leaves the company or is terminated, but it rarely happens quickly, and often not at all. Likewise, when a manager leaves or is terminated, the policy is to re-key the door, but it doesn’t always happen either.

Ensuring that ex-employees no longer have access can be an expensive proposition, but not nearly as expensive as the potential liability of having them

Our franchisee/owner was looking for a solution that would allow for easy granting and revoking of employee access anytime, from anywhere. He considered traditional cardkey systems but had concerns with the cost and administration of cardkeys. In addition, he discovered that they require a network connection for remote management, and using his existing network was impossible due to the franchise’s Zero Trust policy for devices using its POS data network. With their ongoing ISP and network support costs, in addition to $3K+ installation costs, cardkey systems were clearly not an option.

“VIZpin was the perfect solution. Now, not only are my stores more secure and my managers and employees more accountable, I’ve also actually reduced my operating costs.

The Solution

The franchisee opted to install VIZpin Smartphone Access Control systems at more than 10 locations. VIZpin not only cost less than what he was spending re-keying doors, it also provided several additional benefits. Now, each employee is issued a Smartphone key which can be revoked at any time. Unlike with cardkeys, a lost phone presents no risk; the key can be revoked immediately (or transferred to a new phone) at no cost. Employees who don’t own Smartphones are issued VIZpin Bluetooth FOBs. The VIZpin system also allows the franchisee to track when employees come and go. And finally, although cloud-based, it doesn’t require an ISP or local networking equipment, resulting in significant savings.

The QSR franchisee comments, “VIZpin was the perfect solution. Now, not only are my stores more secure and my managers and employees more accountable, I’ve also actually reduced my operating costs.”


  • Reduced Liability: Because VIZpin is a foolproof way to ensure that ex-employees no longer have access to stores, it shields QSR franchisees from potential liability issues.

  • Secure Access: With VIZpin, access can be easily and immediately revoked from anywhere at any time. Without having to remember to change codes or wait for doors to be re-keyed, secure access is significantly more consistent.

  • Employee and Vendor Accountability: Knowing that you can easily see exactly who is coming and going, as well as exactly when, holds your employees and vendors more accountable.