The Customer

On Solid Ground is a family owned and operated RV and boat storage property. The owners, who are RV and boat owners themselves, know that security is paramount and easy access is key for their customers. The five acre facility, located in Edgewater Florida, is protected by a 7,000-volt electric fence, cameras and an alarm system and allows customers 24/7 gate access.

The Challenge

The On Solid Ground storage property has one motorized gate for vehicle and trailer access and was using a traditional keypad access solution. The keypad was conveniently located on the driver side for vehicles, however, customers driving RVs had to get out and walk around them to punch in the code, and customers pulling wide boats and trailers had to carefully maneuver them to get close enough to the keypad to not have to get out. In both instances, the stopped vehicles clogged the staging area before the gate.
In addition, it frequently rains in the summer when boat owners use the facility the most, making it a nuisance for customers to roll down their windows or exit their vehicles to access the keypad.

“VIZpin is a great product and exactly what we needed – simple to use, which we knew would be attractive to our customers.”

The Solution

The owners began researching keyless and keypad-less entry systems. Specifically, they were seeking a solution that would allow vehicles to stay comfortably away from the keypad post and drivers to remain in their seats. According to Co-owner Thomas Martucci, “There were multiple systems available, and frankly, most of them had too many bells and whistles and were complicated to use. At the same time, It was also critical for us to be able to know who was coming in and out of the gate at what time.”

On Solid Ground installed a VIZpin reader to operate the motorized gate along with its original keypad solution. The company sent an email to all customers introducing VIZpin and hung a sign on the keypad post with directions for downloading the VIZpin SMART app. The owners also kept the keypad system in place for those customers who either don’t have smartphones or are intimidated by technology, While Thomas knew that many customers may be reluctant to use a new system, adoption continues to grow by word of mouth among other customers as adopters share the benefits of using VIZpin.

And Thomas quickly realized the benefits, too. He comments, “VIZpin is a great product and exactly what we needed – simple to use, which we knew would be attractive to our customers. In addition, anyone can give their keycode away, but no one gives their smartphone away, so we know that when Joe’s VIZpin key was used, it was Joe in the facility.”


  • Simplicity: VIZpin does just one thing – provides access to gates or doors for which they’ve been granted keys.

  • Ease of Use: Users only need to be in proximity to a reader and the only thing they need to physically touch is their smartphone.

  • Efficiency: Because they don’t need to exit vehicles or maneuver to reach keypads, VIZpin users gain access much more quickly than using the keypad and without keeping other customers waiting.

  • Flexibility: VIZpin works in parallel with traditional access systems to accommodate all users.