The Customer

Santa Anna Apartment Homes is a community located in Weslaco, TX, in the Rio Grande Valley. The modern apartment complex offers residents, who are largely 30 to 40-year-old professionals, a sparkling swimming pool with sun decks, a state-of-the art fitness center and a private club house, among many other upscale amenities.

When the complex was built in the fall of 2015, owner Manuel Chapa was looking for an access control system that would be convenient for both residents and management to use and that would protect the apartment community’s common areas.

The Challenge

For Manuel, who also owns General Garage Door Services and several warehouses in Weslaco, this was the first time he needed a convenient, secure access control solution for both property managers and users. He explains, “At my warehouses, there is no need for access control. At the new apartment complex, though, I needed to make sure that only the people who were supposed to be in the pool area, club house and gym could get into them and only when they were supposed to be there.”

“I selected VIZpin because of the convenience it offers my residents and management.”

The Solution

Manuel briefly considered a traditional fob-based access control system, but was not happy with the ability of residents to lend fobs to others or the administration involved, plus he noted that the option was considerably more expensive than VIZpin.

He decided to install VIZpin readers in four areas of the complex: the gate to the pool, the entrance to restrooms, the clubhouse and the fitness center. He comments, “Much of the reason I selected VIZpin was because of the convenience it offers my residents and management, but I also liked the idea that people don’t share their phones, so I know
the areas are only being accessed by the people who have permission. I also liked the fact that I can easily see who has accessed each of the areas should an issue arise.”

Manuel is so pleased with the solution that he has recommended that VIZpin be installed at a nearby 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration Chapel that is part of his parish. Currently Santa Anna Apartment Homes has nearly 300 VIZpin users, including residents and management.


  • Cost Savings: VIZpin was considerably less expensive than the fob solution also considered and there is no need to purchase, manage and replace missing fobs, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Secure Access: Only Santa Anna residents and managers of the complex can get into the pool area, clubhouse, fitness center and restrooms, and management can control when access is granted.

  • Flexibility: Santa Anna managers are able to easily make adjustments for residents and add or revoke access from any web-based browser using the cloud portal.

  • Peace of Mind: The ability to see who has access secure areas when provides protection for the owners.