The Customer

Advenir Living is a Miami-based, full service real estate company with a primary focus on multi-family apartment communities. Two of its many properties include Advenir at Biscayne Shores, a North Miami community of 240 units, and Advenir Polos East, a 308-unit community in East Orlando. Both properties offer apartment residents exclusive
access to modern, luxurious amenities, including a fitness center, pool and club house.

The Challenge

Biscayne Shores was using an outdated key fob system that was no longer working for the property manager. They recognized that with fobs, there is the possibility of residents not only losing them, but also of loaning them to non-residents. Biscayne Shores is not a gated community, and property managers have responsibility to ensure that unwanted guests do not have access to their amenities.

Similarly, at Polos East, the property manager was working with an outdated card reader system that was not allowing new users to be added or access schedules to be modified. What’s more, the system was so outdated, it could no longer be updated. They wanted to avoid getting to the point of monitoring the grounds and facilities
to be certain they didn’t have unauthorized visitors. It was also important to make sure that locks to the doors of resident-only amenities like the gym could not be popped, making it possible for visitors from outside the community to potentially enter and use them.

VIZpin has been so beneficial and well received that VIZpin readers were installed at Advenir Living’s corporate offices.

The Solution

Advenir took action to implement a smartphone access control solution at Biscayne Shores.

A VIZpin system was installed and the ROLES feature was used to assign an access schedule for each area, as not all amenities are available to residents 24/7. According to Advenir, it has been a very smooth transition and the feedback has been very positive. Residents really like using the advanced technology.

With VIZpin’s unique request access feature, property managers can be certain only residents whose names are on the lease are authorized to have access, and requesters are verified before granting any keys. This feature also ensures that every resident’s name appears on a lease and that every resident goes through the proper application process and pays the required application fee.

After initial success at Biscayne Shores, readers were installed at Polos East. Being located near University of Central Florida, they have many college residents, and along with that, the possibility of non-resident teens wanting to use their gym facilities. VIZpin eliminates that potential problem, as well as the possibility of access by other unauthorized guests and unsupervised children.

VIZpin has been so beneficial and wellreceived at Biscayne Shores and Polos East that VIZpin readers were installed at Advenir Living’s corporate offices to simplify key management and provide added access flexibility.


  • Controlled Access: VIZpin ensures only residents have access to properties and facilities and eliminates the possibility of entry by outsiders and minors.

  • Added Revenue: Thanks to VIZpin access requests, property managers can ensure that the names on leases are current and that all residents complete applications and pay application fees.

  • Affordability: Both Biscayne Shores and Polo East had systems that were outdated, non-functioning and costly to upgrade. VIZpin provided an affordable solution with a simple transition process that was well-received by residents.