1. No Network Required

Because Bluetooth access control is managed from the cloud without a network connection, installation is less expensive than traditional electronic access solutions. This also eliminates the risk of your access solution being used to hack into the corporate network – another potentially costly problem to resolve.

2. Easy Installation

Installation of Bluetooth Access Control is not only less expensive because there’s no network required, but also because it’s extremely simple. All that you need is door strike, power supply and a reader, and you’re ready to go.


3. No Physical Keys or Cards

Smartphone credentials cost significantly less than physical keys or keycards. They also don’t get lost or remain unreturned by previous users, so there’s no need to constantly purchase replacements.

4. Minimal Administrative Time

Without having to distribute, manage, revoke and replace physical keycards, administrators’ time is freed up to do more valuable work. In addition, because administrators can grant or revoke access form anywhere at any time, they don’t need to spend time getting called away from other work to let people in.

5. No Hardware Updates

With Bluetooth access control, there is no need to spend money on upgrading hardware when updates become available. When new capabilities are launched, users can begin enjoying them immediately at no additional cost.