Paul Bodell, VIZpin CEO

We recently announced the launch of VIZpin ROLES, a major update to VIZpin service for all PLUS and LITE accounts. We’re excited to bring this new feature to all our current and future customers.

Our smartphone access control solution has always been great for applications with less than 20 access points. VIZpin ROLES now makes it easy to manage more complex applications with multiple locations, unlimited users and unlimited access points.

In case you missed it – here are some highlights of VIZpin ROLES:

lots of usersWith VIZpin ROLES, customers can now grant access for large groups of users to multiple readers with unique schedules for each reader. For example, a residential apartment complex may have main entrances, a fitness center, a swimming pool and clubhouse areas secured with VIZpin readers. Rather than selecting each reader and schedule days for each new resident, simply create a “resident” ROLE and assign to them.

user groupsVIZpin ROLES also makes it fast and convenient to manage access for groups with different schedules such as an office building where you may have employees, managers, executives and contractors. Each group can be granted access to different areas at different times on different days.

Time and Cost Savings
our hours are changingVIZpin ROLES also makes it easy to change schedules. With other systems changing shift hours or changing which areas can be accessed can be complex and time consuming. With ROLES, you simply update the ROLE and everyone with that ROLE is automatically updated without having to do a thing.

Additional Advantages
VIZpin FOBsWith ROLES, VIZpin can now easily handles roll-over periods like night shifts. It even allows you to set schedules for VIZpin Bluetooth FOBs.

Thanks to all of you for providing the feedback that helps us make VIZpin the perfect Access Control platform. If you have other suggestion on how to improve the product or success stories on how you are using VIZpin, Contact us – we’d love to hear from you.