Replacing or upgrading an access control system doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Technology has made significant strides over the past few years. Now, most new access control systems are affordable, easy to install, and scaling up is nearly effortless. You’ll need a plan to find an affordable and effective access control system. Still, there is a system out there for your business.

Here’s our guide to help you change your access control system.

When should you replace or upgrade your access control system?

Perhaps your access control system failed or stopped working. Your current system could be vulnerable. You may want more control over your building’s security. There are various reasons for wanting to replace your access control system, but you likely have two main concerns you want to avoid: costly upkeep and maintenance.

What type of access control system is best for you?

When searching for an access control system, it should meet your goals. It should also fit the nature of your business, its security requirements, and the number of people at your establishment. After considering your objectives, consider the time required for installation and cost, as well as the time it will take to manage the system day-to-day. Take advantage of existing infrastructure and verify you meet the minimum system requirements. Next, focus on other features relevant to your business: who and how a manager will grant access, smartphone capability, or network requirements. For help comparing access control systems, read about the factors to consider when selecting an access control system.

How do you get started replacing your access control system?

The most critical step in replacing your access control systems is to create an upgrade plan. Having a plan ensures you don’t skip essential steps like exporting any existing data from your current system. Include a realistic budget that factors in costs for hardware, installation, and management. You’ll need a professional to install the access control system to ensure your business is protected.

Once you’re ready to install the new system, be sure installation is scheduled before or after business hours. You’ll need to test the system before employees, members, visitors, etc. start arriving. Help should be on standby if issues arise.

How is the access control hardware installed?

Most systems are installed based on the same methods. However, every access control system is different. Here’s a quick breakdown of what should happen:

  1. First, cables should run and all hardware and equipment should be inspected.
  2. Once any necessary cables are in place, electronic locks will be installed on any doors requiring to access the building.
  3. After the cables and locks are in place, all the access control components need to be connected.
  4. Once hardware in installed, programming the system settings and testing the keys will take place.

A professional should always install the system and read any provided instructions. For more information on how VIZpin handles installation, see our access control system installation guide.

How do you grant access to the system?

When it comes to granting access, implementing a new access control system is not usually a disruptive process. However, it’s necessary to have a plan to avoid stress and maintain efficiency. Be sure to communicate changes early and often. Plan for the installation date and share the time with the people you’re granting access too.

If you have a sophisticated setup, you may need to install your new access control system in phases. In this case, make certain to focus on the doors requiring the most security. When working in phases, you may need to temporarily leave the old system in place in the secondary locations. If you’re a smaller business, you should be able to replace your entire access control system at the same time.

Once you install the system, users will need hands-on training. Depending on the size of your organization, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes per person. This initial time investment makes a big difference in keeping your building secure.

One Last Thought

You may not need to replace your system altogether.  If you have a working access control system, upgrading it with modern technology may be a great solution.  You can easily add smartphone readers to an existing system with just a few wires and now offer the convenience of using your phone to unlock your door.

There are many moving parts when it comes to choosing an access control system to replace your existing one. Hopefully, this guide makes replacing your access control system much more accessible. Don’t wait for something terrible to happen as a system failure or theft. Keep your building safe from anywhere in the world with a VIZpin access control system.