First-in is now available on Entegrity™ Smart Locks using PLUS service.  The First-in feature allows doors to be open to the public set hours each day. By default, the VIZpin Smartphone Access Control System automatically keeps all  property doors locked and secure. However, lets say you want your doors open for anyone to enter during your regular hours, the First-in feature allows this. A First-in schedule is set on the VIZpin smart device using our cloud-based portal, then once applied the first person with a valid VIZpin Smartkey who triggers the device each day on or after the designated open time unlocks the door. The door will remain unlocked until the set close time and will automatically lock at the designated closing time. 


When might you want to use the First-in feature?

What are the benefits of using First-in?

  1. Convenience
  2. Flexibility to adjust the hours at any time
  3. Secure – at the scheduled closing time the door automatically locks so you don’t need to re-lock

This feature is also available on the VP1 Bluetooth Controller as well as the VIZpin Solar Kit.