Communities are continually looking to be more proficient in order to increase their NOI while at the same time providing a safe environment for residents. VIZpin is an affordable smartphone access control system that increases property value, improves security & convenience, reduces operating costs and directly improves NOI.

There are several benefits for property managers:

Increased Property Value: Today security is a requirement and low-tech solutions like lock and key, keypads and cardkey systems don’t cut it. Tenants want the latest Smart technology and to control everything from their Smartphones.
Improved Security: With keypad and keycard systems, tenants can easily share the credentials and allow non-residents to use all the facilities. VIZpin Smartkeys can’t be shared so the only people using the facilities are people on the lease.
Improved Convenience: Carrying a key, remembering a PIN number or carrying a keycard are inconvenient.  Everyone carries their Smartphone all the time.
Reduced Operating Costs: Keypad and keycard systems are difficult to manage. You have change PIN numbers or re-issue keycards when tenants turnover or someone loses their keycard. Other systems can be very complicated requiring service calls or hours of training for new staff. With VIZpin you can issue or revoke credentials anytime from anywhere and tenants can securely transfer their credentials when they lose or upgrade their Smartphone without distracting the property manager. Plus, VIZpin is simple and requires no special training.
Automatic Updates and New Features: With traditional systems you have to maintain system software, network and ISP. VIZpin is cloud based so updates are automatic. It uses Bluetooth and your Smartphone to connect to the cloud so there is no local network, computer, software or ISP required.


While VIZpin makes it easy for property managers to provide secure access for building entrances, parking, amenities, and more, the new VIZpin Smartlock extends their options to the individual units as well.  This battery-operated smartlock is an affordable way to add convenient security to individual apartments, offices, utility rooms, and even common area bathrooms. It fits into any standard door and installs in minutes.