After several months of labor and love, we have officially launched the new website today! We used direct feedback from our visitors, our industry expertise and top-level designers to produce a new web experience that we believe will deliver the information you need and makes it easy to find and simple to use. Here are seven things that we are excited about and think you will be too:

  1. The Design: We’ve chosen a clean, modern design that reflects our innovative and fast-growing company.  It’s easy on the eyes, simple to navigate and delivers the information that is most relevant to you.
  2. The Content: We’ve added new content and made updates to previous information to simplify what we do and how we do it. Users can very easily understand what smartphone access control is, how it works, where it works, what you need to use it and how you can get it.
  3. The Navigation: We’ve simplified our menus and made it easy to get right to the information you’re looking for in a quick and easy manner. You can switch between sections and review documents and videos without leaving the page you’re on.
  4. The Mobile Experience: With more users searching for details on their mobile devices than ever, we took mobile-friendly to a whole new level. Our dynamic pages are fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.
  5. Customer Stories: We love our products are and are happy to tell you how great they are, but hearing it first-hand from customers who have it installed and are using it every day is what makes a difference.  Learn about customers in all different types of applications and see how VIZpin has improved their organization.
  6. Blog: Our blog posts deliver expert insight and interesting facts about smartphone access control including information about costs, considerations, how it compares to other types of access control and more.
  7. Real-world Applications: We’ve expanding into new markets quickly and we’ve highlighted some of the top areas that we’re working with.  Learn more about how VIZpin is used in these different industries and what specific pain points we’re solving and benefits we’re adding.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new site!  Share your feedback with us at or message us on our social channels.