Safety, convenience, and affordability are more important than ever when choosing a commercial access control system. With more employees working at home, temporary workers, and changing schedules, ensuring only those who should have access can get in and keeping those who shouldn’t have access out is critical. That’s where commercial smartlocks come in handy.

What’s a commercial smartlock? By “smartlock”, we mean a door lock that can be unlocked with your smartphone (not a traditional key, keypad, keycard, etc) and where access to it can be granted/revoked remotely.

Why Commercial Smartlocks?

Using a smartlock on your office/coworking space, apartment building, gym/fitness center, day care center/school, church, self storage facility, retail store, or other business is an affordable option that adds immediate value to your business. Here are the top 6 reasons why:

1. Easy to Manage

Businesses increasingly look for ways to be more efficient and simple is usually better. Traditional access control has typically been complicated, requiring a lot of steps to make it work. These steps include creating hundreds of detailed user profiles, matching credentials/physical keys/keycards to users, and delivering those credentials to the user. Smartlocks, dramatically shorten that process and eliminate one-to-one contact (especially important during this pandemic). Using a cloud-based access control smartlock – users can self-register with an app, eliminating the need to create a user profile. Access can be granted/revoked from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Building managers simply log into access control software and grant/revoke the appropriate access with just a few clicks of the mouse. Once granted, Smartkeys are available in (or revoked from) the user’s app immediately.

Building managers can enroll people even before the Smartlock is installed. Scheduled access can be changed in a few clicks. Users can enroll themselves in the system and can deal with lost or new phones without bothering the building manager… all without any special training. The apps and management software on the Smartlock are automatically updated and settings are applied whenever someone uses the app to unlock a door.

2. Improved Security

Smartlocks eliminate the need for physical keys, cards, fobs, or pin codes, which are easily shared or copied. With Smartlocks, the user’s Smartkey is unique to their phone. Phones have passwords and people don’t share them. Smartkeys can’t be copied to other phones, making them a more secure solution. And if an employee or tenant leaves, or a user loses their phone, the building manager can simply revoke access in the cloud portal and the Smartkey is removed from the user’s app.

3. Affordable

It’s easy to forget the ongoing cost of access control systems. Sure, the initial cost of a traditional key lock is cheap, but what about the time and hassle it takes to rekey a lock when an employee leaves? You have to have an on-site employee to make the change. Keycard systems aren’t much better… the cost of replacing lost keycards and upgrading the software quickly becomes expensive.

4. Easy Installation

A Smartlock can by anyone in minutes with just a screwdriver. Just take off the existing handle, replace it with a new Smartlock, and add batteries. VIZpin Smartlocks don’t need a local network or Wi-Fi connection. Best of all, you don’t have a complicated panel to program.

5. Scalable

Unlike access control systems with panels, you can build a system with Smartlocks one door at a time. There is no up-front expense for a larger system and no penalty for adding other doors. Just add more doors wherever and whenever you need them. When you add doors, updating everyone’s access is literally just checking a box.

6. Easy to Use

When you want to enter a door with a smartlock, you simply open the app on your phone and press a button. It’s that simple! There’s no bulky keys to carry around, no codes to memorize for different doors, and no card to carry with you.

VIZpin’s Commercial Smartlock

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Smartlocks allow building managers to grant or revoke access or view activity from anywhere without the hassle, expense, and security risk of other types of networked access solutions. A battery-operated smartlock is an affordable way to add convenient security to apartments, offices, utility rooms, and more. It fits into any standard door and installs in minutes.

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