VIZpin App Users are considered Data Subjects. VIZpin portal Managers and Administrators are considered Data Controllers. VIZpin Inc. is a Data Processor.

As a Data Processor, we are the responsible custodian of the Data Subject’s data, performing this role on behalf of the Data Controller. The Data Controller determines what data is captured, stored and processed within our application. The Data Controller is the owner of the data. VIZpin does not rent, share, disclose or sell any data owned by the Data Controller.

Data Subjects will have no direct interaction with the VIZpin application that captures and stores their data. Most Data Subjects will be employees, contractors or visitors of the Data Controller. Data is captured based on their relationship with the Data Controller. The Data Controller is responsible for gaining explicit consent from the Data Subject regarding the data to be stored. Data Subject requests to purge data from VIZpin with the Data Controller will be adjudicated by the Data Controller.

In cases where Data Subjects use the VIZpin portal or applications directly (for example through use of a downloaded app), VIZpin is the Data Controller and as such will be responsible for gaining explicit or unambiguous consent based on the type of data collected. Data Subject requests to purge data collected directly by VIZpin will be adjudicated by VIZpin.

The GDPR includes provisions that grant Data Subjects portability rights in their personal data. Any personal data we store on behalf of Data Controllers is the Data Subjects. We will coordinate with Data Subjects and, as applicable Data Controllers, when requested to delete or port data. We provide for portability and are continually working to enhance our data export capabilities.